• Can I pause my FIRST Patronage?
    Yes, you can! If you started your FIRST patronage through, and you're on a 1-month or 6-month plan, follow these instructions to pause your membership. Go to and select Settings From there, select Account>Billing>Change Plan You will see an option at the bottom ...
  • How do I use a FIRST promo code?
    Congratulations on getting a FIRST promo code! Here's how to apply that to your account.  First you'll want to select your membership tier. You can choose either FIRST or FIRST+ Enter your code at the bottom where it says "Your Code". See where it also says "Billed every month starting 9/21/2020...
  • What information should I include when contacting Support?
    To best help you out, please include the following information: Username Email address  If regarding a billing issue, also include: Last 4 digits of card Expiration on card Name on card Date of last charge Amount of last charge
  • How can I update the payment method that's on file?
    Your credit card expiring soon? Got a new one to update? You can update your payment methods through your settings page whenever you wish to! Read below to see how to update your payment method in the format that is relative to you. Updating Your Payment Through Web Browser 1. Log into your accou...
  • Is my FIRST patronage set up for auto renewal once started?
    Yes! When you show your support through a FIRST patronage, you will be charged and enter auto-renewal with the charge date happening on the same date every month.
  • What do I do if I can no longer continue to provide support with FIRST?
    Ready to take a break from your FIRST support? That's okay, we know you'll be back soon. But, if you are going to take a break, see below for the ways to cancel your FIRST membership. Stop Auto-Renew of your FIRST support - Subscribing through 1. Log into your account and go to Y...
  • What payment methods do you accept for FIRST?
    You can pay for FIRST via credit or debit card and PayPal through the website. 
  • I'm receiving an error that says "base: You already have an active subscription", what do I do?
    Contact us! It's an error that we're able to easily remedy for you and soon you'll be able to sign up for a FIRST membership without any problems. 
  • Can I stop my support through FIRST at any time?
    Yes! You can cancel your FIRST patronage at any time. If you're currently in the middle of a pay period, your FIRST membership will still work until the expiration date. To learn how to do so, check out this FAQ!
  • My FIRST patronage is gone, what do I do?
    It could be that your payment method is expired or that your bank stopped the payment. If this isn't the case, send us an email at and we'll take a look into it for you!